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The Hayes Griffin / Paul Brown Duo

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The Hayes Griffin / Paul Brown duo (featuring Hayes Griffin and Paul Brown) belongs in that John Hartford(ish) space between musical genres.  The feel of the music is often Old-Timey but the presentation seems more like Bluegrass with their emphasis on “hot” lead playing.  The duo also demonstrates that, contrary to common stereotypes, baby boomers and millennials can peacefully coexist.

When he’s not busy polishing his bookcase full of participation trophies, watching YouTube videos about how to change a light bulb, or eating avocado toast, the millennial Hayes manages to find time to do some world class mandolin and guitar playing.    When not browbeating younger generations, talking incessantly about his 401k, and destroying the environment, baby boomer Paul hones his chops on fiddle and banjo.  

This impressive pair of musicians makes exciting music while simultaneously soothing longstanding intergenerational conflicts.    Worth a listen! 

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are strongly encouraged for our free Happening Hour Shows!

Date: Wednesday, January 24

Time: 5:15 pm

Doors Open: 5:00 pm