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Missy Raines & Allegheny

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Missy Raines, a 14-time International Bluegrass Music Award winner and the most awarded bass player in IBMA history, proudly announces the release of her most bluegrass-centric album to date, “Highlander.” Released Feb 9, 2024, this album marks a return to Raines’ bluegrass roots, offering a musical homage to the peaks and valleys of her native West Virginia.

In “Highlander,” Raines delivers 10 stunning tracks that feature her touring band, Allegheny, and a few special guest appearances from bluegrass luminaries who have impacted and influenced her sound. Missy’s band, Allegheny, bring together some of the brightest young stars on the bluegrass scene today; Ben Garnett on guitar, Eli Gilbert on banjo, Ellie Hakanson on fiddle and Tristan Scroggins on mandolin. Raines’ extensive knowledge of and deep passion for bluegrass music make “Highlander” a bluegrass album for the ages. Be sure to catch this powerful celebration as Missy Raines & Allegheny release this new music to the world.

“Highlander showcases Missy Raines’ musical inventiveness. Every song on the album shines with the radiant light of Raines’ devotion to and passion for capturing the intricacies and beauty of the bluegrass music that has shaped her and that she loves.” – Folk Alley

“Raines’ stature as a true pioneer of her instrument and as a woman in the genre has given her a place to stand for generations to come, but Highlander proves she’s not interested in staying still.”
-No Depression

“So, however exciting it may be – and, it is truly, very exciting – that Raines and Allegheny have intentionally guided her sound back to traditional, straight ahead, mash-tastic bluegrass for her new album, Highlander, it’s important to remind Raines’ audience, the new initiates and diehards alike, that whatever music may emanate from the strings of her upright bass or from her tender and expressive voice, she has always been and will always be bluegrass. And effortlessly so. Highlander isn’t so much a return to the genre as it is a reminder that Missy Raines’ goal in music, first and foremost, is to make great bluegrass music for great bluegrass folks – her kind of folks.” – Bluegrass Situation

“Missy Raines’ “Highlander” transcends the boundaries of a traditional album; it embodies a heartfelt homage to the music and community that profoundly influenced her life and career. This record invites both long-time fans and new listeners on a genuine and moving exploration into the essence of bluegrass music, showcasing Raines’ passion and dedication to the genre.” -Grateful Web

Food & Bar: Our full food and drink menu will be available before and during the show.

Date: Wednesday, March 20

Time: 8:30 pm

Doors Open: 7:30 pm