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“One of the world’s greatest bands … an American treasure.”  — Entertainment Weekly  

NRBQ is Terry Adams, Scott Ligon, Casey McDonough, and John Perrin. “NRBQ”, which stands  for New Rhythm and Blues Quartet, has often been called a national treasure, which may be  why the band’s music has attracted legions of devoted fans worldwide, including Jimi Hendrix,  Elvis Costello, Penn & Teller, Doc Pomus, R.E.M., SpongeBob SquarePants, Michael J. Pollard,  Ian McLagan, Steve Earle, Drew Carey, and Nick Lowe, among many others. NRBQ songs have  inspired cover versions by Bonnie Raitt, Los Lobos, Darlene Love, Dave Edmunds, She & Him,  Widespread Panic, Yo La Tengo, and more.  

The group served as the unofficial “house band” for The Simpsons for Seasons 10-12. They  appeared as zombies in George Romero’s movie Day of the Dead. They have appeared at the  Berlin Jazz Festival, the Grand Ole Opry, and Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival. In their 50+ year  career, NRBQ has released almost as many albums, including a series of critically acclaimed  titles in the past decade, among them Keep This Love Goin’ (2011), Brass Tacks (2014), and the  5-disc, 50-year retrospective, High Noon (2016). Of the brand-new studio album Dragnet,  released at the end of 2021, Bill Bentley in Americana Highways says, “They play with such  startling and powerful simplicity, a style that must be earned and not learned,” while Uncut  says, “[it’s] as though the history of 20th-century popular and unpopular music has gone  through thorough, playful distillation.”  

“For more than 50 years, they have conjured a slippery blend of early R&B, hardcore country,  novelty songs and rockabilly by seizing the improvisational energy of jazz.” – Washington Post 

“From the time of their debut album, the group distinguished itself with its all-encompassing  fusion of rock, pop, jazz, rhythm and blues, folk, and country from past and present. A sense of  humor and a penchant for spontaneity and invention have also served them well. Surf-rock,  rockabilly, doo-wop, pop, and classics from Elvis Presley to Al Jolson – they’re all here. Such a  diversity of material might hinder the cohesiveness of another rarities collection, but in NRBQ’s  case, it makes perfect sense given the band’s rich musical lineage.” —The Second Disc  

“Just the fact that NRBQ has been around for over fifty years is pretty amazing. Can you believe  they’ve never put out a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks? It’s true. You’ve got to hand  it to the ArQive 50 crew because they somehow put together a cohesive collection of tunes  from a band that has never been able to settle on a style long enough for any rock critic – let 

alone fan – to pigeonhole them. As I have said in previous NRBQ reviews (and as any fan will  attest) that’s a big part of what makes the Q so great.” —NuDisc  

” … exuberant eclecticism and offhand virtuosity and inventiveness … NRBQ can refresh even  the most familiar songs – and do it without a trace of irony while exuding the infectious joy that  has been the hallmark of all their music-making.” —Philadelphia Inquirer  

“A perfect combination of genius and joy.” — Jad Fair  

“See them and get a rage to live.” –M.C. Kostek  

“Inventing music right before our ears.” –Blurt  

“NRBQ consistently discover real musical light in the darkest of souls.” –Hal Willner  

“NRBQ have always been cool with being uncool which is, perhaps ironically, what makes them  so damn cool.” – Glide Magazine  

Food & Bar: A limited food menu of pizza and fries as well as our full bar will be available before and during the show. If you would like to eat before the show, we encourage you to make a dinner reservation by going to Resy.


Date: Friday, April 26

Time: 8:00 pm

Doors Open: 7:00 pm