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Secret Studio presents Bloodthirsty Virgins

A night of Morricone kissed rock n’ roll. The Bloodthirsty Virgins are a high drama rock combo that layer lush vocals, and fuzz guitar leads with a stormy rhythm section. The sound is both tragically romantic and vengeful.

Guitarist: Scott Gorsuch (Lollipop Factory, solo artist). Drums: Keith Hanlon (The Black Swans and Parker Paul, solo artist). Bassist: James Wooster (Knot Brothers and creator of the annual The Last Waltz Tribute in Columbus Ohio). Lead Vocal and Songwriter: Nikki Wonder (Jack Neat, and The Bloodthirsty Virgins).

Food & Bar: Our full food and drink menu will be available before and during the show.

Date: Friday, May 31

Time: 9:00 pm

Doors Open: 8:00 pm