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Ellis Paul’s 30th Anniversary Tour with Radoslav Lorković and Laurie MacAllister (of Red Molly)

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Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. It’s a rare artist who can  do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who  have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen  certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the  history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same  realities or sharing similar experiences. 

Ellis Paul is one of those gifted singer/songwriters. Though some may refer to him as a folk singer, he is more,  for lack of a better word, a singular storyteller, a musician whose words reach out from inside and yet also  express the feelings, thoughts and sensibilities that most people can relate to in one way or another,  regardless of age or upbringing. The exhilaration of the open road. A celebration of heroes. The hope for  redemption. Descriptions of those things that are both near and dear. The sharing of love…, intimate,  passionate and enduring.

Laurie MacAllister, founding member of the beloved Americana trio Red Molly, opens the show with her new solo project! In 2004, at a campsite at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Laurie began making music with her campmates, weaving their voices together in harmony. In an impromptu and magical moment, the Americana trio Red Molly was born. With a focus on beautiful songs, soaring harmonies, and a deep relationship with their fans (who dubbed themselves RedHeads), the band quickly became the darlings of the folk/Americana scene. Red Molly has shared their voices around the world for seventeen years, singing everywhere from Australia to America, playing 100 shows annually in front of thousands of fans, frequently selling out venues, and releasing seven acclaimed albums. Laurie has composed and sung harmony parts on dozens of recordings, including those by Cliff Eberhardt, Susan Werner, and Ellis Paul. She’s also taught singing and stage performance around the country, including at the Swannanoa Gathering, Folk Alliance International, Targhee Music Camp, and the New England Songwriters Retreat. Laurie’s powerful yet delicate voice stretches octaves, warm and romantic one moment, playful and irreverent the next. One song at a time, one show at a time, over the course of two adventuresome decades, Laurie has turned her quiet dream into a joyous reality.

Food & Bar: Our full food and drink menu will be available before and during the show.


Date: Saturday, April 8, 2023

Time: 9:00 pm

Doors Open: 8:00 pm