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Rebecca Loebe w/ Lilli Lewis

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Over the past decade, Austin-based troubadour Rebecca Loebe has been steadily building her audience the old fashioned way: driving hundreds of thousands of  miles in an old station wagon, performing in listening rooms and theaters across the US, Canada,  Japan, Europe, and the UK. During her last radio interview in England, an announcer for the BBC  declared “Your voice should be available for free on the National Health!”

Her singing voice landed her on national television when she was cast on the first season of NBC’s  The Voice. Ask her about that experience and she’ll proudly tell you that, since her mentorship with  Adam Levine, “His career has really skyrocketed and I’m just so proud of that boy.”

Lately she’s been indulging a sneaky pastime. “I like to write catchy songs about topics that are  meaningful to me, but use fun hooks to put words in people’s mouths.” She admits, “My favorite  thing is to get people singing along before they even realize they’re singing about women’s  equality or their own self-worth.”

In 2019, she released her fifth studio album, her first collaboration with the Grammy nominated  Houston-based record label Blue Corn Music. The genre-bending album borrows equally from the  worlds of intimate folk, ear wormy pop, and no-holds-barred Americana.

Refusing to pledge allegiance to any single genre was a creative gamble that has paid off in a big  way: Give Up Your Ghosts has received the best press of Loebe’s career including praise from Billboard, Rolling Stone, and legendary rock critic Dave Marsh, who said: “Once I put it on I couldn’t take it off.”

Lilli Lewis

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Progressive, provocative, glorious powerhouse performer with a focus on social justice

“A powerhouse performer adding her unique voice and talent to the national discussion of the state of social justice in America.” – The Kennedy Center

The self-professed Folk Rock Diva Lili Lewis returns to recording with a rootsy, country soul album that really hits the spot with its melancholy meditations and narratives.  – Americana UK

Food & Bar: Our full food and drink menu will be available before and during the show.

Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Time: 8:00 pm

Doors Open: 7:30 pm